About us

Nettle supports the activities of pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers in the Polish healthcare market.

The main products of the company include receivable financing, management of entrusted portfolio of pharmaceutical companies , financing of investments in hospitals and new model based on direct distribution to hospitals and pharmacies – DTH and DTP.

We started our business activity as a financial company operating in the field of receivable management and financing in relation to hospitals with assuming the risk of their solvency. Thank to such developed tools as risk assessment system, IT system for monitoring of receivables, and our experienced team, we became an important partner for many pharmaceutical companies.

Given the changes in the global pharmaceutical market in the scope of distribution of drugs and the gradual transformation to the model of direct sale without intermediaries or wholesalers, we have expanded the scope of our services with those elements that were missing in the drug manufacturers’ offer and were offered only by wholesalers. In such a way, we started to promote the model based on direct distribution to pharmacies called Direct to Pharmacy.

The group of key employees in Nettle comprises the people who have long experience in the provision of services to the hospital sector and the development of financial products. They have significantly contributed to the innovative financing programs which have been successfully implemented for the amount exceeding a billion zlotys.

The Company employs over sixty specialists in the field of mediation, development of relationships and consumer relations, monitoring and debt collection, trade risk analysis, finances and bank products, accounting, tax law and business law.

At present , we cooperate with 532 hospitals and 65 drug supliers.

On average, the Company supervises about 4,000 balances of clients each month.

Yearly, we handle the portfolio of value equal to PLN 600 million, of which 85% comprises hospital receivables.

The value of all receivables managed by us thus far exceeds PLN 3 billion.

This year, we have participated with our clients in 1394 tender procedures for the amount of PLN 388 million.