DTP – direct distribution of pharmaceuticals

Increase in competition makes established and comfortable sale processes via wholesale distribution channels out-of-date.
Change has arrived for the pharmaceutical industry and many of the leading drug manufacturers already decided to introduce direct-to-pharmacy (DTP) model.
DTP  eliminates the intermediary, which is the pharmaceutical wholesaler. It allows producers to gain greater control over distribution (prevention of parallel trade and uncontrolled export of drugs abroad) and promotion channel.

What we can do for you:


  • building of numerical distribution for new SKU
  • relaunch of brands for returning products
  • increase of selling to pharmacies by telemarketing
  • the ability to provide pharmacy data with potentials per product A+, A, B, C
  • promotional actions
  • transportation and logistic service


  • distribution to pharmacies
  • specialistic transport in a controlled environment
  • logistics and order picking
  • logistic process control
  • track order realization
  • sample logistics and delivery, full service of promotions


  • full process of debt managment and recovery (incl. legal services)
  • financial and accounting settlement
  • management of the credit limits
  • risk assesment based on rating
  • customer reporting
  • credit ratings of customers
  • debtor asset investigation
  • debtor financing

Full support. At every stage.

Advantages of DTP model

  • full, turn-key direct distribution services
  • flexible stock management
  • transparency of processes at every stage of service
  • control over distribution channels
  • product price monitoring
  • secured and financed receivables
  • easier products launch
  • delivery in 24 hours from order
  • value of managed receivables PLN 3 bn / EUR 697 m
  • value of DTP sales PLN 370 m / EUR 86 m *
  • 1 400 contracts signed with health care entieties under DTP services *
  • serving 12 632 pharmacies, 2 810 private health care entieties and 695 hospitals

Nettle S.A. takes a new approach to distribution of pharmaceuticals.

We are proud to be an experienced DTP operator.

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