Financing of medical investments

Based on our long experience, we consequently increase our share in financing the investments in hospitals through expanding our offer with attractive products in the scope of financing the purchases of medical equipment by Health Care Centres.

In the scope of our activities in the scope of financing the hospital sector, we focus on right choices of hospitals to our portfolio to reduce the risk of bad debts. Therefore, we apply the criteria of relevant diversification in terms of individual engagement and financial situation of each financed hospital.

Products for suppliers:

• transaction financing

• receivable financing

Products for hospitals:

• financing of long-term investments

• financing of liabilities

• consulting services aimed at selecting the most advantageous financing mechanism tailored to the possibilities of health care facilities

Benefits for our clients:

• financing adjusted to the needs and possibilities of a hospital

• financing term up to 5 years

• advantageous interest rate

• the purchaser’s own contribution is not required

• competitive prices for medical equipment

• verified suppliers of medical equipment

• minimum of formalities

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