Genes vs. diet

 Nutrigenomics deals with dependencies between diet and genes. Professor Jarosław Horbańczuk talked about the topic during the conference entitled “Obesity epidemic”. He claims that if we manage to learn and identify precisely the mechanisms of the effect of individual dietary components on the human genome, we will be able to design personalised food for various social groups, which would significantly limit the risk of civilization-related diseases such as obesity. The effect of those actions is coordination of research project “Biofoods” – innovative, functional products of animal origin. Bioactive dietary components analysed by the scientists include i.a. resveratrol – present in dark grapes, lycopene contained in tomatoes, and the components of green tea, soya, fish, walnuts. The Institute of Genetics at the Polish Academy of Science developed products with increased nutritional and health-promoting value and with lowered allergenicity. The invention is a natural product ready for consummation. The solution was appreciated around the world – it received awards for the best European invention, i.a. a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Innovation in Brussels.

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