17 May 2006 – A joint-stock company trading as Ortie Capital Investment S.A. made a decision on forming its own company with its major asset being over 15-year experience of its employees’ in cooperation with the entities operating in the medical industry.

The function of the President of the Management Board of Nettle S.A. was taken up by Paweł Szewczyk who has been holding this position since that time.

2007, 2008

In the first years, Nettle focused its activities on providing the services in the scope of receivable management in the healthcare industry.


The Company started to provide its receivable management services also to entities from other industries. It was also the year of commencing the works on the development and implementation of “Netlink24”.


This year marked the beginning of cooperation in the scope of managing the entity financing public hospitals and their suppliers.


After five years of its operations, Nettle became one of the leading brands in the Polish market providing comprehensive offer of services for the companies from medical industry. That year, it started to finance the participants in this sector on its own.

On 2 November, the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders made the decision of transforming Nettle Sp. z o. o. operating as a limited liability company into a joint-stock company.


The Company made its début on Catalyst.


New products were introduced and the number of regular clients increased. At the end of 2013, the Nettle team provided services to the portfolio of average monthly value exceeding PLN 150 million.

The financing activities of hospital suppliers and hospital facilities in 2013 was funded with own and foreign capital in a form of bank credits, bonds, and loans.


The Company was the first entity in Poland that launched the distribution model based on DTP (Direct To Pharmacy) and DTH (Direct to Hospital) services for an international pharmaceutical concern. Since that time, Nettle has been promoting the DTP model through providing drug manufacturers with the whole range of services from the organisation of sale processes, through accounts receivable financing, to posting of all operations.


In January, the Company was shortlisted for one of the most prestigious business competitions in Europe – the European Business Awards, and was awarded the title of the National Champion.

The Company continued its further successful development in three business areas: outsourcing of receivable management process, provision of financing to participants in hospital sector, and provision of services in the scope of DTP sales.

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