New drug for leukaemia


Kymriah, a drug by Novartis, has just been approved by FDA. After administration of the drug, the remission occurred in 83 per cent from among 65 patients participating in the research.

The drug contains modified T lymphocytes of a sick person. They are sampled from a patient and then sent to the Novartis laboratory, where specialists, using genetic modification, add a new gene with chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) to the lymphocytes, thus enabling T lymphocytes to destroy the leukaemia cells of the sick.

Kymriah is customised individually to the profile of each patient.

However, the  drug may be administered only to persons under 25 years of age. The therapy costs 475 thousand dollars (about PLN 1.7 million), which means that the drug will be available only for some people…


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