New office in Lisbon

Dear Madam / Sir,
We are pleased to inform, that on June 1, 2017, our office in Lisbon was launched. In order to provide our customers with comprehensive service in other European countries, not only as a local direct distribution operator, we are starting expansion to foreign markets from Portugal.
Starting from today, our office in Lisbon is able to provide full accounting services, a comprehensive support of receivables management (monitoring, debt collection), legal advice as well as to fund receivables of public hospitals.
In the fourth quarter of 2017, we are going to open a customer service center (promotion + sales support) and since 2018, by adding logistic services, we are going to handle the entire process of direct distribution of medicines (manufacturer-pharmacy / hospital).
If you have your agency in Portugal or intend to expand your business in this interesting country, please contact our employee in the office in Lisbon:
Tomasz Litwiński – Country Manager
(language: Polish, Portuguese, English)
Office: Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 17 – Piso 4, 1050-116 Lisboa
Mobile: +351 932 512 072, Office phone: +351 21 134 95 44