Contractual penalties at tenders

The public procurement sector, due to its size, should remain under special supervision (in 2015 its value amounted to over PLN 116 billion). Meanwhile, Federacja Przedsiębiorców Polskich (Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs), in the report entitled “Niewłaściwe stosowanie wybranych klauzul umownych przez zamawiających w ochronie zdrowia” (Incorrect application of selected contractual clauses by contracting authorities in … Continue reading

21 June 2017 Pharmaceutical Market

Pro-life pharmacies?

The Polish Catholic Pharmacists Association filed a bill on conscience clause for pharmacists in the petition procedure.  The pharmacist may not sell a drug if he/she believes it is incompatible with his/her conscience.  This also applies to the conscience of “owners and partners running the pharmacy”. The Association promotes the concept of “pro-life pharmacies” without … Continue reading

21 June 2017 Pharmacies

New office in Lisbon

Dear Madam / Sir, We are pleased to inform, that on June 1, 2017, our office in Lisbon was launched. In order to provide our customers with comprehensive service in other European countries, not only as a local direct distribution operator, we are starting expansion to foreign markets from Portugal. Starting from today, our office … Continue reading

1 June 2017 News

Restructuring law

Over a year ago, on January 1, 2016, the Restructuring law act of May 15, 2015 (Journal of Laws 2015 item 978) came into force. The aforementioned act is somewhat a nod towards debtors with financial problems, and more precisely insolvent debtors or ones threatened with insolvency, with simultaneous allowing for the interest of creditors. … Continue reading

19 May 2017 Law 0 Comment