Genes vs. diet

 Nutrigenomics deals with dependencies between diet and genes. Professor Jarosław Horbańczuk talked about the topic during the conference entitled “Obesity epidemic”. He claims that if we manage to learn and identify precisely the mechanisms of the effect of individual dietary components on the human genome, we will be able to design personalised food for various … Continue reading

21 September 2017 Miscellaneous

Does dancing slow down the brain diseases?

Scientists from the German Centre of Neurodegenerative Diseases in Magdeburg observed that learning to dance had a greater positive effect on efficiency of the bran than fitness exercises which included endurance exercises (such as running, jumping), strength exercises and stretching. 26 volunteers aged 68 on average participated in the research. 14 of them for 18 … Continue reading

21 September 2017 News


  As of the next year in the entire European Union the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (RODO) will apply.      RODO will be applied directly, regardless of the national provisions on personal data protection and the obligation of all entrepreneurs is to observe the requirements provided in RODO before 25 May 2018, when … Continue reading

21 September 2017 Law

New drug for leukaemia

  Kymriah, a drug by Novartis, has just been approved by FDA. After administration of the drug, the remission occurred in 83 per cent from among 65 patients participating in the research. The drug contains modified T lymphocytes of a sick person. They are sampled from a patient and then sent to the Novartis laboratory, … Continue reading

21 September 2017 Pharmacies

Merge of two Wrocław hospitals

In accordance with the resolution adopted by the senate of the Wrocław Medical University, two clinical hospitals in the capital city of the Lower Silesia – Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Wrocław and the Clinical University Hospital – will be merged into one large, full-profile hospital. Thanks to the merger some of the … Continue reading

21 September 2017 Hospitals

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