Restructuring law

Over a year ago, on January 1, 2016, the Restructuring law act of May 15, 2015 (Journal of Laws 2015 item 978) came into force. The aforementioned act is somewhat a nod towards debtors with financial problems, and more precisely insolvent debtors or ones threatened with insolvency, with simultaneous allowing for the interest of creditors. … Continue reading

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Opinion of Prof. Marek Szydło

We encourage you to read the latest opinion of a renowned specialist in the field of public procurement law, professor Marek Szydło, concerning the presence of combines on the contractors’ side. The legal analysis of the professor touches upon the sentence of the Supreme Court of June 2, 2016 (case ref. CSK 486/15), which raises … Continue reading

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Offer contests for the provision of healthcare benefits

The healthcare benefit provision contracts presently in force, concluded by service providers with the National Health Fund within the scope of hospital treatment, highly-specialized benefits, specialized outpatient care, treatment rehabilitation, medicine programmes, medicines used in chemotherapy as well as nighttime and holiday healthcare, upon the request of the director of the competent voivodeship division of … Continue reading

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Pharmaceutical crime…

Pharmaceutical crime is an element of organized, global crime, right next to traffic of narcotics and arms. The global “leader” in the field of medicine forgery is Nigeria (over 60 percent of all forged medicines originate there). They forge, above all things, anti-malaria medicines, anti-inflammatory medicines, painkillers and antibiotics. In 2015, ineffective anti-malaria medicines killed … Continue reading

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