Receivables management services

Outsourcing of receivable management process includes risk management through monitoring of receivables to debt collection in out-of-court proceedings and finally – to debt collection in court proceedings and debt enforcement by a bailiff. It comprises the following:

• Receivable management  in the scope of financial products

• Financial risk assessment /the company applies proprietary risk assessment programs/

• Support for accounting departments

• Setting and management of credit limits for clients

• Assessment of tender agreements

• Financial settlements, reporting

Our clients operating in the medical market are offered special financial products such as:

– receivable monitoring

– development of systems for assessment of client’s risk

– receivable collection

– financing of investments

– assessment of clients’ reliability

– financing of trading transactions within a consortium

– factoring of accounts receivable before and after their payment date

With our assistance, our clients improve their financial liquidity, reduce the risk related to sales, overcome payment bottlenecks, and – what’s important – maintain good business relationships.

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