Revenues of drug distributors will increase up to more than 1 trillion dollars in 2019

Revenues of drug distributors will increase up to more than 1 trillion dollars in 2019.

For years the pharmaceutical industry has been known as one of the most profitable ones, but also very competitive. In 2016 its estimated global revenues reached 1.038 trillion dollars, that is they increased by 2.1 per cent as compared to 2015. The next years are even more optimistic. According to the estimates by Deloitte in 2020 the revenues of the pharmaceutical sector on a global scale are to reach 1.263 trillion dollars, that is they will increase annually on average by 4.4 per cent. The increase of expenses for pharmaceuticals is expected in all regions. This year positive effects of economic recovery should be felt by pharmaceutical markets in Russia and Latin America.

Simultaneously, the industry is under the constantly growing price pressure and the requirement of increasing effectiveness, and on the other hand the growing expectations of patients. All of that makes the expenses for health care on a global scale grow in 2020 up to 8.7 trillion dollars (for the sake of comparison in 2015 global expenses for health care were 7 trillion dollars).

The analysis of the rate of increase of the expenses for health care up to 2020, the differences between individual regional are visible. In Western Europe it will be only 4 per cent, in South America 2.4 per cent, North America – 4.3 per cent, while in Asia and Australia it will be 5 per cent, whereas in case of economies in the transformation phase it will be as much as 7.5 per cent.

Ageing populations, and the resulting growing number of persons suffering from chronic diseases, as well as dynamic development on the emerging markets will facilitate the growth of the revenues of the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical technology companies. At the same time the knowledge, awareness and expectations of the patients are constantly growing.

/based on the report:  „2017 global life sciences outlook. Thriving in today’s uncertain market”, prepared by Deloitte, a consultancy company/


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