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01-06Bolivia is the highest-situated and the most difficult country to access in South America. Peaks of Andean Mountains, covered with eternal snow, constitute the western part of the country, whereas the North is covered with humid tropical forests and pampas. It is both one of the most beautiful and the least developed countries in Latin America. The average life expectancy there is 60 years and illiteracy exceeds 20%. High in the mountains, you can find farmers, who use techniques from the 16th century. There is no electricity, no telephone connection. There are only 7 people per square kilometer. Due to lack of clean water and basic sanitation, mortality rate among infants is the biggest in this part of the world. Children at the age of 10 can work legally.
A few people from our company happened to visit Bolivia during holidays. This country, especially the clear division between our and their world, made a huge impression on each of us. That line was clear-cut and impossible. We realized that even if we feel poor here, in our country, we are always on the better, safer part of the world. These facts are heart-breaking, but they are impossible to be fought with. A hot meal, clean clothes, your own bed and the possibility to continue education until graduation, which is a great chance for a decent life, is a luxury in Bolivia.

Very often, orphanages, where the majority of children from poor families in rural areas lives, are the only places01-06-2017 that can ensure such conditions. Hogar Sagrada Familia, the orphanage on which we came across during our trip, is one of such places. Like most of them, the institution does not use state money. It was founded by the Polish Congregation of the Sisters Servants and the money for the maintenance of children is received from the congregation and donors.
It is commonly thought that we should face challenges which are around us; thinking this way, those children will be left without any help. Therefore, we support that and two other orphanages from Bolivia with all our heart. Is it worth it?
Thanks to our help, many children receive a good education and live a normal life. Besides, if you could only see their faces when they receive a package from us, you would not have any doubts!
Your donation may be minor when compared to human misery and needs, but for those who will receive it, it will be of great importance. Let’s not forget about that.
The following bank account belongs to the Congregation of the Sisters Servants. If you decide to help, please make payments directly into the account specified below with the transfer name:  „ For the children from the orphanage in Tarija”:
PKO BP SA: 78 1240 1923 1111 0010 2206 2544  Zgromadzenie Sióstr Służebniczek BDNP, ul. Bojanowskiego 8-10, 39-200 Dębica


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