Pro-life pharmacies?

The Polish Catholic Pharmacists Association filed a bill on conscience clause for pharmacists in the petition procedure.  The pharmacist may not sell a drug if he/she believes it is incompatible with his/her conscience.  This also applies to the conscience of “owners and partners running the pharmacy”. The Association promotes the concept of “pro-life pharmacies” without … Kontynuuj

21 czerwca 2017 Pharmacies

Step towards commercialization of hospitals?

On June 13, the Ministry of Health published a draft amendment to the Act on Medical Activity, pursuant to which the patients in public facilities, in addition to services financed by the National Health Fund, will also be able to benefit from paid services on commercial terms. Such solution – according to the Ministry – … Kontynuuj

21 czerwca 2017 Hospitals

Liquidation of NFZ (National Health Fund)?

Minister of Health Konstanty Radziwiłł announced that from January 1, 2018 the National Health Fund will become subject to liquidation.  He added that the health service will be financed directly from the state budget, from taxes.  According to the announcement, the National Health Fund is to be replaced by the Public Health Office.  The newly … Kontynuuj

21 czerwca 2017 Hospitals

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