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NETTLE is the leader of the Polish market in the field of direct DTP distribution. We offer full support in sales, storage and distribution of medications, as well as in accounts receivable management and financing. Our experience, high quality of services and the newest solutions made the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers trust us.



  • short-term or long-term hiring of medical and pharmaceutical representatives
  • promotional campaigns (promotion plan, preparation of promotional materials, mailing to pharmacies – database of 10 thousand addresses updated on a regular basis)


  • multi-channel order processing (Kamsoft, FarmaProm, e-dtp – dedicated sales platform for pharmacies, telephone, e-mail)

Handling of tenders (sales to hospitals)

  • searching for bids
  • preparation of documents
  • evaluation of the tender by the legal department, service of bid bonds
  • tender-related sales support


NETTLE Distribution Centre

  • Pharmaceutical wholesaler in Warsaw
  • 1300 pallet places for goods stored at a temperature of 15°C – 25°C
  • specialised cold stores capable of holding 60 pallets with goods requiring storage at temperatures ranging from 2°C to 8°C
  • a separate warehouse prepared for the storage of specialised products


  • transportation services of the highest quality, compliant with the Medicinal Products Law
  • on-line temperature registration and monitoring
  • delivery to pharmacy within 24-hour lead time


  • issuing invoices on behalf of the customer (sales VAT invoice, corrective VAT invoice, accounting notes)
  • financial and accounting settlement
  • reports
  • handling of batch payments
  • full management of receivables
  • monitoring
  • debt recovery
  • legal services in court procedures
  • analysis of sales risk – rating of customers – pharmacies, hospitals, outpatient clinics
  • financing sales to hospitals
  • factoring of receivables of pharmacies and outpatient clinics, taking over the risk of insolvency of recipients
  • complaint handling

About Nettle

Nettle supports pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers on the Polish healthcare market. Our mission is to secure the supply of medicines and equipment to hospitals to enable them to function smoothly and to facilitate partnerships in hospital-supplier relationships.
Despite the fact that we started our activity as a financial company, since 2011 direct distribution has become our main service. As an independent direct distribution operator, we provide services for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. We offer all the services which are necessary for the implementation of sales processes, without the intermediation of a pharmaceutical wholesaler, starting from the acceptance of an order, collection of goods from the warehouse, through transport, accounting and settlement activities, sales financing, including the assumption of risk, as well as promotion and telemarketing.
For companies operating in the pharmaceutical market, we offer a tight and transparent system: the manufacturer knows at what stage of distribution their drug is, where and under what conditions it finally goes.




Moving away from the traditional model gives the pharmaceutical manufacturers the opportunity to increase their turnover and productivity. What is more, it enables them to build up a direct relationship with their customers (pharmacies, hospitals, consulting rooms), to gain more control and transparency of the supply chain, and to promote their products in an attractive way directly among the customers.

Our goal is to adjust the range of services as best as possible to the growing expectations of all partners, especially pharmaceutical companies. We are consistently building a strong position in the health care sector. Achievement of the assumed objectives has ensured us the position of the leader of the Polish market in the DTP area.


Because we are a LEADER OF COMPLEX, DIRECT SERVICE OF DIRECT SALES and you can trust our experience.


many services – one contract acting in accordance with pharmaceutical law transparency of all processes and settlements impact on product price shorter payment terms facilitated introduction of a new product control over distribution channels and product availability wider area of sales access to customer rating transfer of payment risk financing of commercial transactions


owner of the product knows who is the buyer knows the quantity of the purchased goods knows when the sale was made knows the price of the purchased goods knows the distribution conditions knows when the goods reached the recipient knows when the payment is to be made knows when the payment was made has a faster cycle of rotation of receivables has lower distribution costs

It started with children from faraway Bolivia. When we visited one of Bolivia’s orphanages a few years ago during our stay in South America and we got to know the reality of life in that country, we decided to do something that would make the lives of the children there at least a bit better. Our help is focused mainly on improving their health conditions and facilitating their access to education. We also try to give them reasons to smile more often, so we send parcels with toys, and recently we have also given them funds to buy, among others, the bikes and trampolines they dreamed of.

Children from Bolivia’s orphanage with postcards from polish children

Children from the University Hospital in Krakow are colouring the postcards

English lesson organised by Nettle

Children from orphanage in Bolivia


Some time ago we decided to “bring” Bolivia closer to Poland and make children in Polish hospitals interested in the life of children in Bolivia. We published a book about the brave stork Klekot titled “Misja Boliwia” (“Mission: Bolivia”). We printed a thousand books, which we distributed in children’s hospital wards in Poland. In each book there was a card with the address of the orphanage in Bolivia, which only needed to have a stamp put on it and be sent.

Encouraged by the enthusiastic reaction we soon released another part of the adventures of the brave stork Klekot, who this time flew to Poland to work as a doctor in a hospital. This second part of our series has been additionally approved not only by children, but also by health care professionals.

Our last production is the “Odlotowa gra planszowa” (“Awesome Board Game”) – interactive fun for many players.

We plan to print it in three languages: Polish, Spanish – for children from Bolivia, and Portuguese – as we have recently also established contacts with volunteers helping children in Angola.


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NETTLE S.A. jest operatorem usług outsourcingowych dla firm z sektora farmaceutycznego. Doświadczenie, wysoka jakość usług i nowoczesne rozwiązania sprawiły, że zaufali nam wiodący producenci leków.

Źródłem sukcesu firmy jest zaangażowany zespół. Firma rozwija się bardzo dynamicznie, a zespół NETTLE liczy aktualnie ok. 80 pracowników w czterech lokalizacjach: Wrocław, Warszawa, Sieradz oraz Lizbona. Struktura naszej firmy jest bezpośrednio związana z profilem naszej działalności. Zatrudniamy specjalistów z różnych dziedzin, pracowników wspierających naszą działalność operacyjną oraz zapewniających płynne funkcjonowanie firmy.

W skład zespołu NETTLE wchodzą:

  • specjaliści ds. mediacji, monitoringu , windykacji
  • specjaliści budowania relacji i więzi konsumenckiej, handlowcy i managerowie sprzedaży
  • specjaliści ds. finansów i produktów bankowych
  • analitycy
  • specjaliści ds. rachunkowości, księgowi
  • specjaliści ds. kadr i płac
  • prawnicy
  • programiści
  • specjaliści ds. marketingu
  • specjaliści ds. obsługi klienta
  • specjaliści ds. przetargów
  • farmaceuci
  • pracownicy magazynowi
  • pracownicy administracyjni

NETTLE oferuje szeroki wachlarz możliwości dla osób o różnym profilu zawodowym. Sprawdzonym pracownikom oferujemy stabilne zatrudnienie w oparciu o umowę o pracę, ubezpieczenie na życie, prywatna opiekę medyczną oraz kartę Multisport.


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