Nettle’s new loading bay!

We are happy to announce that we have recently opened the tenth reloading bay at Nettle Pharmaceutical Wholesale in Poland.

The new point is located by major transportation hubs in Bydgoszcz, which will positively affect both the quality and speed of deliveries in the region.
The new facility has been adapted and equipped in accordance with the quality standards of the Pharmaceutical Law and Good Distribution Practice. We conduct operations under controlled temperature conditions from +2 to +8 degrees C and +15 to +25 degrees C.
At the new location, we have a usable area of 310.2 m², of which the storage part covers 271.2 m².


Usable area: 310.2 m²

Storage section: 271.2 m²


Receiving chamber: 67,8 m²

Release chamber: 135,6 m²

Warehouse: 67,8 m²

Nettle guarantees its customers a comprehensive warehouse and logistics service, which is based on modern infrastructure in the form of:

  • Pharmaceutical Wholesale in Annapolis,
  • Distribution Center in Sieradz,
  • 10 reloading bays.

New investments and the development of the local route network have a significant impact on maintaining timeliness
and quality of deliveries to the customers served by Nettle and create the right conditions for nationwide distribution. The opening of the reloading bay in Bydgoszcz will allow us not only to optimize costs in this region, but also to expand our offerings for new orders and shipments in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region.

If you are interested in additional information
or establishing cooperation in the field of transportation and logistics, contact us.

Adam Gruchała
Director of Logistics

phone: +48 508 743 633

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